10u Section One Playoffs


2019 Lancaster County 10u Section One Championship 

Baseball Tournament


Coaches, please email tonight's scores to Lou @ lancobaseball@gmail.com

1. The higher seed is the home team

2. Each team must supply a ball

3. Sponsor and LCYBL will provide two umpires and will pay them at a later time!

4. Call the scores into the paper!

 Any questions, please contact Brett Jackson via e-mail at BrettJ@BCGL-Law.com or by phone at 330-9717.   

#D1 is the Divison Winner with the best record

#D2 is the Divison Winner with the 2nd best record - N/A for 2019 season

Seeds #2~ #9 are the remaining teams in each division with the best records

Tie breakers are: Points, H2H, Runs allowed, Coin Flip

Two Umpires are provided and paid by our sponsor and LCYBL

Each team must supply a ball


Rain date is the next day

If the game is stopped due to weather, the game will continue the next business day (Mon ~ Friday)

Pitch Counts: Same as regular season. Example: Pitcher has 26 pitches; will not be eligible to pitch the next day etc.  

Winner reports the score to the paper and to lancobaseball@gmail.com

Field Locations:

Hosted by Mountville Baseball


10u Section 1 Playoffs

Updated 7.13.19


2019 10u Section 1 playoff (pdf)