14u Section Three Schedule / Scores

 Coaches, please  verify that this schedule matches Arbiter.  Arbiter is the master.   If there is an error on the web page please send an email to Lou @ lancobaseball@gmail.com. Please include age, section, game number and what the error is.  Help me help you.

Questions about Arbiter:  Contact Bill Siegler @ 725.6903 or wildbill6901@comcast.net
If you have not received an email from Arbiter first check your Spam / Junk mail folder
Another option is to call Arbiter direct @   

800.576.2799 Account #: 111176

Coaches, before requesting to change the date of a game to Bill, make sure the opposing coach agrees to the new date! 

14u section three scores / schedule


All  rainouts must be re-scheduled within 5 business days or a forfeit will be  issued! If you see a "B" at  the end of your score that represents a double forfeit. The  reason(s) could be the following:

  • The score was never called in by the winning team. For a tie the home team calls in the score
  • The score was called in but the paper did not print  them
  • The score was called in but the paper listed them incorrectly  
  • The game was not rescheduled after 5 business days after a rain  out
  • The game was rescheduled but never made it to the league -  Please send update to lancobaseball@gmail.com