2019 14U Section Two Playoffs


#D1 is the Division Winner with the best record

Seeds #2 ~ #8 are the remaining teams with the best records

Single Elimination 

Tie breakers are: Points, H2H (calculated End of Season), Runs allowed, Coin Flip

Two Umpires are provided and paid by LCYBL at a later time

Home Team must supply balls

Pitch count carries over from regular season


Rain date is the next day

If the game is stopped due to weather, the game will continue the next business day (Mon ~ Friday)

Pitch Counts: Same as regular season. Example: Pitcher has 26 pitches; will not be eligible to pitch the next day etc.  

Winner reports the score to the paper and to 


Ineligible for playoffs if winning percentage is 750 or above: TBD

Updated 7.12.19


Score currently tied 12 - 12 in the 8th. To be continued Tomorrow!

2019 14u Section 2 playoff (pdf)