Fall Ball


LCYBL members,

LCYBL’s fall ball registration meeting will be held WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8th at a suite at Clipper Magazine Stadium.  The Barnstormers are providing us access to the suite starting at 6 pm.  We will hold registration open from 6 until 6:45 pm inside the suite.  The game starts at 7 pm.  Since this is intended to include our normal attendees at monthly meetings, tickets and space are limited, so please treat this as a normal meeting for purposes of who is to attend.  Tickets may be picked up at will-call window upon arrival at the stadium.  

This meeting is only mandatory if you are going to participate in our Fall Ball program.

 The general membership meeting will be in September.

Here is an update on our Fall ball program:

Levels of play with base dimensions: 

8u Base 60 feet, pitching distance 40 feet - No umpire provided

10u - One Umpire provided

Section 1: Base 60 feet, pitching distance 46 feet

Section 2: Base 60 feet, pitching distance 40 feet 

12u - One Umpire provided

Section 1 & 2:  Base 70 feet, pitching distance 50 feet

14u - One Umpire provided

Section 1 & 2: Base 80 feet, pitching distance 55 feet

Fee is $30 per team for 8u

           $75 per team for 10U ~ 14U due at the meeting.

For  clubs that did not participate in LCYBL this last spring: Proof of  Insurance listing LCYBL on the policy as “Additional Insured”


367 Hawthorne Dr

Denver, PA17517

No Roster required

Start of season is the Saturday after Labor Day Weekend.

End of season is the 2nd weekend in October

Fall ball is instructional baseball. Section 1 teams are for those boys that are experienced at that level. 

Section 2 are for those boys moving up to the new levels (in theory).

Due for the meeting on the 9th:

1) Team entries with the level of play and field location (field form) - one per team (Download form)

2) Proof of insurance for those clubs that did not participate in LCYBL during the Spring

3) Registration fee ($75 per team) 

4) Registration fee 8u ($30 per team)

The Fall Ball Rules, Sign up, and the 2019 age chart are on the website. Remember, fall ball age is the 2019 season age. League Document Page 

Games are double headers. Umpire fee is $40 per team. One team pays the umpire for the first game and the other team pays the umpire for the second game. Some clubs have requested a second umpire. Those clubs requesting the second umpire will pay the second umpire too!

Download 2019 Age Chart- Updated 10.23.18- Questions, contact Brett!

Download Fall Ball Rules 2015 - no changes

Download Registration Form - no changes